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Fidare Consulting Group proudly collaborates with high-growth and innovative companies, acting as the catalyst that fuels ambitions and ignites innovation. Join us in the journey to redefine success

Empowering Tomorrow’s Success Stories

truleum project logo and oil derricks
Truleum Inc.

Facing financial challenges in the oil and gas realm, stringent controls, and a compelling narrative, drove the success on national stock exchanges.

truleum project logo and oil derricks
RapID Surgical Inc.

In an undervalued world of MedTech, a swift implementation of controls, corporate actions, and collaboration paved the way for an IPO and national stock exchange listing.

truleum project logo and oil derricks
TCI Entertainment Inc.

A Ponzi scheme that ensnared unsuspecting investors. Fidare’s masterstroke move empowered victims, preventing total loss, and guiding them from the brink.

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