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Amid the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Fidare was conceived with a singular mission: to empower and guide small businesses through the intricate terrain of the financial markets. The regulatory changes that followed the crisis necessitated a heightened understanding of compliance and the capital markets.

Fidare, drawing inspiration from its very name, which means “to trust” in Latin, was established to be a trusted partner for companies grappling with the complexities of the post-crisis financial landscape.

Frustration driving Opportunity

Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, Harry McMillan witnessed the ripple effects that reverberated through the financial markets. The crisis shook the foundations of established institutions and McMillan’s microcap interests. Well established, household named businesses faced difficulties raising capital and were threatened with bankruptcy as the economic landscape underwent a seismic shift. It was during this period of adversity that McMillan realized hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses were grappling with the same daunting challenges.

Motivated by a commitment to support entrepreneurs and often overlooked companies who were victims of circumstance, McMillan recognized the need for expert consultancy to guide these companies through these challenges. This realization laid the foundation for Fidare Consulting Group.

Beyond Financial Rescue to Structural Transformation

Fidare’s vision wasn’t just audacious; it was a revelation. Recognizing that small public companies needed more than a financial rescue, McMillan set out to provide them with a comprehensive restructuring.

Controls and procedures, the bedrock of accountable corporate governance, became the focal point. Fidare was born out of the realization that for these entities to thrive, they needed a path to success.

A Lifeline and Blueprint for Revival

With a team of financial experts, compliance specialists, and strategic thinkers, McMillan turned his vision into a reality. Fidare became a beacon of hope for companies on the brink of irrelevance, offering a lifeline and a blueprint for revival.

The company tirelessly worked to instill a culture of transparency, accountability, and procedural rigor within its clients.

From Obscurity to National Stock Exchanges

Under Fidare’s guidance, small public companies once resigned to obscurity, found a renewed sense of purpose. Uplisting to national stock exchanges became achievable as Fidare bridged the gap between mismanagement and market credibility.

The commitment to procedural excellence ushered in a new era of credibility and trust, transforming the once-forgotten entities into market contenders..

A Catalyst for Success

Harry McMillan’s vision had come to fruition. Fidare Consulting Group emerged as a catalyst for transformation in the world of small public companies.

The company’s commitment to procedural excellence and unwavering adherence to controls revitalized struggling enterprises and ushered them onto national stock exchanges, marking a new era in market credibility and investor trust.

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