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Every Public Issuer principally manages two corporate entities in one. A company manages its service offerings, products, distribution, marketing, product development and HR associated with all levels of operations. There is an equally important management responsibility required of the C-Level executive team and its Board of Directors and that is to the integrity of its corporate governance and regulatory compliance. The ultimate responsibility therein is to its shareholders. Fidare Consulting Group and its partners serve as a vital agent to the establishment and adherence to this principle.


Prepare your company for the market

Corporate Evaluation and Operations Overview: Evaluating the company’s potential in the equity and debt markets. This includes evaluating and guiding management and their operational plans while assisting in the development of corporate strategy.


Present your company to the market

Advising company on equity formation as an agent of the company while identifying private placement markets, negotiating underwriting agreements for the benefit of the company and Managing Mergers and Acquisition Opportunities.


Present the market to your company

Investor Communications: Managing shareholder contracts and retaining the company’s shareholder base. Market relations and market support maintain communication with brokers and industry analysts while establishing orderly equity markets.

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